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The Almighties are amassed to stop the P.R.I.K.S (Power Rising In Kind Spirit), a bunch of monsters led by Mister Muhky, from taking over the world with the aid of The Loch Ness Monster...

[ Nasty, Mr. Muhky, FemFish, Frankie McFrankenstein and The Human Snake - P.R.I.K.S. ]

Written by creators Sam Johnson & Mike Gagnon and illustrated by
regular Almighties artist Eleonora Kortsarz, with Joe Koziarski and colorist Nicolas Touris - The Almighties are all coming back - but under Joe Cyborg's leadership, not all of them are on the team!

But all is not well in The Almighties' camp - there is tension between newly

coupled-up Maxi-Tron and Ms. F as things aren't going great in the bedroom -

and between Nite Fang and Joe Cyborg, because Joe destroyed Nitey's spank collection when he trashed his computer.

Can the new Almighties

line-up sort their #@%£
out and stop Muhky and

his crew - ?

If not, maybe their former
team-mates could help


We're a good way in with

the art & colors for The Almighties: Afterbirth #1, and if you'd like to get News & Updates - including the

release date when it's

announced, Join The Almighties Mailing List here!

All characters © 2017 Sam Johnson, except Mason & Nite Fang © 2017 Mike Gagnon, Nasty © 2017 Grant Springford, and The Loch Ness Monster © whoever made him up.

Suggested for 'mature' readers.

Joe Cyborg sends the former members of The Almighties highly-classified emails, inviting them to reform as a Top-Secret government strikeforce - the email also contains a virus that will

destroy their computers - FOR SECURITY!

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