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"Too cool for the nerds, too smart for the jocks, I didn't fit in anywhere. I had to rise above them; show them I was better than them all." Maxi-Tron.


“What does the ‘F’ stand for? Well--to me it means ‘Ms. Free’ or ‘Ms. Fun’--but to the public, for my powers, it could stand for ‘Ms. Fabulous,’ although that might sound a little conceited >heh<.” Ms. F.


A top secret wet works operative. Highly trained in black ops. Experienced in every form of combat and man-made hell. Previous identity erased from history. Molded by the U.S. government to be a monster and a killing machine. Now for hire. You don't #*^% with Mason.

When he and his punk rocker friends were set upon by a bloodthirsty werewolf, the degenerate, debaucherous Phineus Clayworth was the only one to make it out alive. But surviving the wounds he sustained now meant Phineus had the curse of lycanthropy to add to his list of endearing traits.

As well as being a member of The Almighties, Stefanos simultaneously does work for The White House and runs a kebab shop. Fear the end of his kebab!

MAXI-TRON! MASON! MS. F! NITE FANG! and... uh... Stefanos are THE ALMIGHTIES!
"Get your coat, Evil - you're ^%£*ed!"


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